Student Assistance Program

The Center for Student Support Services places Student Assistance Professionals (SAP's) in schools to provide early interventions for alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse problems. SAP staff provide screening, referral, case management, individual and group counseling and after treatment care.

The program includes universal K-12 prevention planning, staff training, family support and community collaboration for reducing the impact of substance abuse and violence. The Student Assistance Program provides direct services to schools on a cooperative basis. Student Assistance Professionals are professionals with expertise in drug and violence prevention.

Program goals:

Decrease 30 day use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana by 10% in youth ages 12-18 receiving services.

  • Increase by 10% the perception that alcohol, tobacco and other drug use is harmful to health in youth receiving services.
  • Reduce substance use by 50% in full intervention youth that have a substance use reduction goal, are substance using at baseline and have matched pre-/post-evaluations.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):

Students Mastering Important Lifeskills Education (SMILE):

Partnership for Drug-free Kids (resources for parents & staff):

Univ. of Washington Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute:

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA):


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