Operations and Technical Services

The Operations & Technical Services Division provides comprehensive and innovative services, in one form or another, to all of the school districts within the NEWESD 101 region and many school districts outside the region. The division provides support for business management, student records services, internal fiscal and operational support services, expertise related to student transportation and coordination of partnership activities. The goal of its many committed and hard working individuals is to provide efficient and effective support to enable the school district clients to push more funding into the classroom. Services provided include the following:

Triangle Business Manager Services

Triangle School District Boundaries and Maps

Triangle Business Office

Triangle School Financial Services

Triangle Facilities

Triangle Unemployment Cooperative

Triangle Northeast Washington Information Service Center

Triangle Workers' Compensation: Claims

Triangle Pupil Transportation

Triangle Workers' Compensation: Safety

Triangle Rural Education Center


JerryJerry McDermott
(509) 789-3800

Assistant Superintendent,
Operations and Technical Services Division