Talbott Event Center

4202 South Regal, Spokane, WA 99223

The Talbott Event Center is an ADA-accessible 13,000-plus-square-foot meeting and training facility located behind the NEWESD 101 office building in south Spokane.

The center houses seven individual meeting rooms of varying size. Seating capacities similarly vary depending on the configuration of tables and chairs at each event. The following room descriptions reflect classroom seating capacities (one of the most common configurations at NEWESD 101 workshops). Also see room set up capacities and configurations.

Deb Ramsay Classroom: Capacity: 24 in classroom configuration. Technology:  Windows computer,  ceiling-mounted projector, speaker phone, built in whiteboard.  Zoom video conferencing or portable K20 videoconferencing unit available upon request. Seating configurations: Classroom, pods, u-shaped, open square, and theater.

Carl Putnam Classroom:
Identical to Ramsay classroom.

J. Leigh Schultheis Conference Room: Capacity: 84 in classroom configuration.Technology: Windows computer, ceiling-mounted projector, podium and handheld microphones. Zoom video conferencing, portable K20 videoconferencing unit, speaker phone, portable dry erase board available upon request. Seating configurations: Classroom, pods, u-shaped, open square, and theater.

Panorama, Bi-County, Whitman and Spokane rooms: 
The north wing of the event center houses an expansive hall that can be divided into four individual spaces named after the four NEWESD 101 sub-regions.

Individual room capacities:
24-36 in classroom configuration. Large hall capacity: 120 in classroom configuration. Technology: Eighty-inch high-definition flat screen monitors in each room, Windows computers, lapel microphones, clicker for powerpoint, podium, zoom video conferencing, speaker phone, portable dry erase board available upon request. Seating configurations: Classroom, pods, u-shaped, open square, and theater.

About the event center:
 All of the names associated with the event center carry considerable regional significance. The building itself is named after former NEWESD 101 Superintendent Brian Talbott, Ph.D., who led the agency from 1982-98. 

The J. Leigh Schultheis and Carl Putnam rooms are named after former NEWESD 101 board members renowned for their long and distinguished careers in public service. The Deb Ramsay room is named in honor of a NEWESD 101 employee who was the agency's esteemed director of technology and design services until her death in 2017.

The original 5,100-square-foot event center (south wing) was built in 2001, then expanded with a 8,000-plus-square-foot north addition in 2018. The south wing also was remodeled in 2018 to create a physically and aesthetically united venue.

Free parking is available on the north, east and west sides of the center.

All four Small room

Whit-SpoRamsay Room
Flexible room design allows for the comfortable accommodation of groups both large and small.

For information on event center usage and/or to request a quote:
Makayla Miracle
V: (509) 323-2788 
C: (509) 251-9143