Open Doors

Open Doors Staff

The Open Doors program at the Next Generation Zone is a place that fosters hope for all young adults, and specifically Opportunity Youth. Since its inception in 2014, Open Doors has served the disconnected youth of Spokane County and the surrounding areas with the mission of
“Partnering with young adults on their pathway to a better tomorrow.” 

Open Doors is a consortium of school districts (Central Valley, Cheney, Colville, Deer Park, East Valley, Mead, Nine Mile Falls, Riverside, Spokane, Medical Lake, Lumen, Freeman and West Valley), Spokane Falls Community College (Gateway to College), Spokane Community College (instruction), and Northeast Washington ESD 101(instruction and case management). 

This program has two pathways. The high school diploma pathway is through the Gateway to College program at Spokane Falls Community College. Not only are students working on their diploma, they are taking college classes and learning how to be college students. The HSE pathway is located at the Next Generation Zone, where programs center on building college and work readiness skills as well as vocational exploration.

For learn more about Open Doors or the Next Generation Zone, please click on the logo below to visit our website or reach out to one of the contacts listed below.

Contact Team

Larry Gardner, Principal

Terrance Nixon, Program Director

Shawn Wash, Case Manager

Mick Miller, Assistant Superintendent, NEWESD 101