Prevent Suicide Spokane Coalition

To reduce suicide attempts and rates in Spokane County.

By 2022, the Prevent Suicide Spokane Coalition will have a clear operational strategy from which they will have provided early investment in children and families, created a community invested towards connectedness, shifted community and cultural norms, improved the spectrum of care, decreased access to lethal means, and built compassionate and robust aftercare in order to reduce the suicide and attempted suicide rates in Spokane County.

PSSC Members/Partners: 

Spokane Public Schools Behavioral Health Program

Spokane Public Schools Behavioral Health Program offers outpatient behavioral health treatment. We screen, assess and treat concerns about self harm, suicidal ideation and offer trainings on prevention and early intervention. As a district, we also have a uniform screening tool that helps direct questions, teaming of the needs/wants and how to re-engage students and families. 

David Crump 
FailSafe for Life and WSU Health SciencesFailSafe for Life:  QPR and ASIST trainings, 3 hour suicide recognition and referral (meets state requirements), 1 hour mental health matters (has been adapted for COVID and Native communities), MAYlers for Hope in May, Kindness Campaign in September, host screenings of documentaries on suicide, provides materials for trainings and at community events on suicide prevention and postvention, partner with Safer Homes coalition on means safety. WSU: mental health counseling, outreach to staff, faculty, and students.

Sabrina Votava
Eaton Arrowsmith Schools I’m doing business development and oversight for our 3 onsite schools.  We provide cognitive intervention programs for those with learning difficulties, attentional disorders, executive fxn weakness, etc.  Primarily our work is in improving the brains higher order networks to improve learning capacities for ages 10 up through adulthood

Chris Wherity