CTE Plan 2 Certification

NEWESD 101's Online Professional Learning Academy offers a fully accredited CTE teacher certification program. This short teacher certification program is designed to help teachers earn an Initial Career and Technical Education Teacher Certificate.

Teacher candidates will receive instruction entirely on-line with an option to attend hybrid events where in-person instruction will be offered.

Printable program documentation: Program at a Glance (pdf) | Program Overview (pdf)

Program Overview

Plan 2 CTE teacher certification is a program where candidates work hours and experiences from industry are counted as part of their preparation to teach. The Online Professional Learning Academy Plan 2 program teaches candidates how to use their industry experiences to create a high quality classroom where students learn from the "real world" experiences that the candidates brings into the classroom.


In order to be qualified for CTE Certification, a candidate must have at least 6,000* hours of documented experience (work or volunteer, but must be documented) in an industry** and can only teach classes that are associated with their documented experience.

Areas that candidates would be eligible to teach in are called V-Codes. Use this chart from OSPI to find your V-Code.

*Candidates can use up to 4,000 hours of experience in teaching in the content area they are wanting to get CTE certified if needed, but at least 2,000 hours must come from industry.


A total of three years (6,000 hours) of occupational experience needs to be verified. One year of occupational industry experience (2,000 hours) in the subject area other than teaching must be verified. If all or part of the 2,000 hours is more than ten years old, candidates must complete an additional 300 hours of recent (occurring in the last two years) occupational experience, which can be volunteer hours in the CTE subject area. Volunteer hours can only be used for the 300 hours of current industry experience.

The applicant may use up to 4,000 hours of teaching experience in the CTE subject area along with the 2,000 hours of occupational experience (non-teaching).

BIOMEDICAL AND BIOTECHNOLOGY HOURS NOTE: May use all 6,000 hours of teaching experience in biology.

**There is an exception for current math and science teachers who can use their experience in the classroom to count as STEM hours for earning a STEM CTE certification.

***  NOTE  ***
OSPI sets the standards for certification. Standards can be found on the OSPI web site.

Completion of any Plan 2 program does not guarantee certification. OSPI Certification office makes final decisions on certification and V-Codes based on candidates documented experience.


Registration for OPLA classes is very simple:

Step 1: Apply for program entrance. Apply by filling out this on-line registration form. You will be contacted within 48 hours to confirm acceptance or for clarification on any questions.

Step 2: Confirm eligibility. All teacher candidates in the state of Washington must take a basic skill assessment to enter a certification program. There is no minimum score for any test, you just need to take the test. Qualifying basic skills assessments are:
- an alternative assessment ACT or SAT (If you took these, you need to have proof of all 3 sections, Reading, Writing and Math)

Gather and submit necessary paperwork before* registering for classes.  
*This MUST be done BEFORE you can register for classes.

Step 2b: If necessary, register for the WEST B (You must only take the portions of the test you do not have documented. For example: if you have taken the SAT Reading and Math, then you will need to take the WEST B writing) **WEST-B Frequently Asked Questions**

Step 3: Fill out a program registration form.

Step 4: Register for classes.

Step 5: You will be contacted with your class login information within 48 hours of registering for classes.

If I am already in a Plan 2 program, do I need to have to resubmit WEST-B documentation?
The PESB requires programs to use the score report directly sent by the testing vendor. The program must confirm that a candidate took the WEST-B using the official score report sent by Pearson or through the Pearson edReport system.

If the candidate is already a teacher, has a Washington State Teaching Certificate and has been teaching for 20 years, do they need to submit WEST-B, ACT, or SAT documentation, or can having their Teaching Certificate on file be enough.
All candidates for teacher certification need to meet the basic skills requirement. Holding a teacher or other educator certificate does not exempt a candidate from meeting the basic skills requirement. Teachers who obtained their teacher certificates prior to the basic skills requirement going into place, are still required to meet the basic skills requirement if they are now seeking a Plan 2 CTE certificate. Many individuals will have met the basic skills requirement through SAT or ACT, but not all of them. They will need to complete the WEST-B, or an alternative.

Do they need to have all parts done before taking classes?
Please see the following implementation timeline for CTE 2 programs:
Beginning September 1, 2019, candidates who apply to Career and Technical Ed (CTE) Plan 2 must take the basic skills test or an alternative (WEST-B / ACT / SAT) in reading, writing, and math for program admission.
Beginning January 1, 2020, the basic skills testing (WEST-B / ACT / SAT) will be required for CTE Plan 2 initial certification.


The CTE Plan 2 program is made up of the following classes:

  • Classroom Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Fundamentals of CTE
  • Philosophy of CTE
  • Administration of Work Site Learning
  • Portfolio
  • Practicum

If you currently hold a Washington State teaching certificate*, you only need to take:

  • Fundamentals of CTE
  • Philosophy of CTE
  • Administration of Work Site Learning
  • Portfolio
  • Practicum

If you have previously taken classes that match up to the standards learned in these classes, you may apply for a class to be transferred. Please review the list of standards covered in each class to determine which classes you are going to ask to be transferred. Then fill out and submit the transfer request form.

* A CTE Conditional Certificate is NOT considered a valid Washington State teaching certificate for the purpose of getting classes waived.


You will pay for classes as you go. Cost breakdown for the classes are:

Class Cost* Clock Hours
Offered **
Cost with
Clock Hours***
Classroom Strategies $400.00 40 $560.00
Classroom Management $400.00 40 $500.00
Fundamentals of CTE $400.00 40 $560.00
Philosophy of CTE $400.00 40 $560.00
Administration of Work Site Learning $400.00 40 $560.00
Portfolio $100.00 10 $140.00
Practicum $200.00 20 $280.00

* There is no financial aid to cover costs of the classes. 

** Clock hours are sold separately by NEWESD 101.

*** Clock hours can be claimed within 5 years of completing the course. You do not have to claim them as part of taking the course.

Total program costs:
Candidates with a Washington teaching certificate $1500.00
Candidates without a Washington teaching certificate: $2300.00


This is a 100% on-line program. All classes and experiences will be on-line. If you need a computer, OPLA will provide a laptop for you to use free of charge. You will have to pay shipping or arrange a pickup location to receive the computer.

You will be able to keep the computer as long as you are in the program. Once you are done with the program, you will need to arrange to return the computer or ship it back to OPLA.

Please contact Adam Smith 509-863-3052 if you would need this resource.

If you need help with translation or understanding content please contact OPLA and arrangements will be made on a person-by-person basis to assist with your individual needs. The OPLA curriculum has multiple resources built into the curriculum to assist candidates with content understanding. However, certain instances require more than what is built into the program. OPLA is committed to meeting these needs for its candidates.

Please contact Adam Smith 509-83-3052 if you need additional support.

Progress Tracker

Track your own progress towards certification with our progress tracker form.

This is not an official form for certification, but it will help you know what you need to do to complete the program.

If you need help with course guidance or support with anything regarding your Plan 2 certification, contact Adam Smith - 509-863-3052