Reopening Guidelines

Reopening Guidelines

The Talbott Event Center will reopen to allow business meetings, training, and testing, provided they cannot be performed virtually. For full guidelines released by the state, see: Phase 2 and 3 Miscellaneous Venues COVID-19 Requirements


  1.  Organizers must:
    1. Ensure all attendees are pre-registered.
    2. Sign in attendees at the meeting (at minimum record first name, last name, email, phone number, and meeting attended).
    3. Ensure each individual completes a temperature screening and health attestation upon entry to the Event Center.
    4. Send pre-registration list and sign in sheets to Makayla Miracle following the meeting.
  2. Appropriate face masks are required to be worn by all staff, presenters, and attendees, both in common areas and meeting spaces at all times.
  3. A reminder regarding appropriate use of face coverings should be included at the beginning of each presentation.
  4. Food service is restricted to self‐contained, pre-plated, grab‐and‐go meals/snacks to limit contact.
  5. Room capacities have been reduced to ensure six feet of physical distance can be maintained by all attendees: 
North Wing Rooms Square Footage Theater Classroom U-shape
 Panorama 962 12 12 8
 Bi-County  777 8 8 8
 Whitman 777 8 8 8
 Spokane 962 12 12 8
Two Combined Rooms 1,739 20 20 10
 Three Combined Rooms  2,516 28 28
All Four North Wing Rooms 3,478 40 40
South Wing Rooms Square Footage Theater Classroom U-shape
 Ramsay 644 8 8 6
Putnam 644 8 8 6
Schultheis 1,950 20 20  12

In addition, Talbott Event Center Staff will:

  1.  Stagger setup, teardown, and other use of common areas to reduce gathering in groups.
  2. Adjust scheduled meetings to minimize attendees in common areas.
  3. Ensure each meeting room is properly cleaned/sanitized between uses. 1 ½ hours is required in between each group per room utilized. (Ex. Spokane/Whitman would require 3 hours in between groups for proper cleaning)
  4. Provide sufficient hand sanitizing stations.
  5. The Event Center Coordinator will be onsite during each event to ensure masking and social distancing practices are enforced and practiced by all attendees.