Makerspace Project Examples

Tiny House Project
Students could design a tiny house, giving them practice with math concepts of volume, surface area and proportional reasoning. It helps them understand math in a real-world context.

Design the Ultimate Roller Coaster
Using a marble, duct tape, cardboard and popsicle sticks, students must design a working roller coaster.  This uses the science concepts of force and motion.

Students could design a website for their roller coaster that requires them to write ad copy and combine text and images to attract visitors which would draw on English Language arts standards.

Task Cards
Create a set of task cards.  When students have time available, they can draw a task card and complete it. This would work great for times when they have completed classroom work early or have indoor recess. 

Task cards could challenge the students to use exactly 12 cotton swabs to design a closed 2-dimensional pattern and then have to measure to perimeter. 

Or, it could be to construct a bridge that connects your desk to another student’s desk that can support 20 grams of weight using only straws, pipe cleaners and tape.

After a lesson on pilgrims, you could challenge the students to build a model of the Mayflower. The possibilites are endless.