Common Core State Standards

CCSSCommon Core State Standards describe the knowledge and skills in English Language Arts and Mathematics that students will need when they graduate, whatever their choice of college or career.

These sets of standards define the knowledge and skills students should have to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing, academic college courses and in workforce training programs. The standards are based on the best national and international standards, giving our students a competitive advantage in the global economy.

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Real LearningRead the June 20, 2013 press release from Ready Washington regarding the launch of “Real Learning for Real Life,” a statewide campaign to promote public understanding of Common Core State Standards.

Transition to Common Core Standards

CCSS-ELA PPT January 2012

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Common Core State Standards: This short power point and fact sheet about common core standards were developed to provide a simple and common message about the new standards.

RBA Overview October 15, 2012

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